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Primary Math & English

Primary school tutoring - Get
the fundamentals right
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Primary school aged children need a firm grasp and competency in the basics - maths and english. The reasonaing and problem solving techniques learned in maths and reading, comprehension and writing skills learned in english form the basis for all subjects.

Sometime there just isn't enough time in class life for each child to receive the right amount of practice and reinforcement of each and every principle and concept they need to bed down their understanding. Sometimes you may be stressed at home or not know how to help.

For whatever reason some children fall behind from time to time and quite often they become significantly behind we are parents are aware of it.

By this time a child may be feeling a little awkward about learning and may even believe that they aren't a very good learner or aren't good at school. Confidence, high self esteem and a positive mindset are key to learning achievement and having a happy child at home.

It's important to get onto any learning delay as soon as possible. Don't worry if you've missed it. Do something about it now!

The Learning Lab is a learning center for kids of all ages.

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