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Chart your own course and be the master of your own destiny by developing a The Learning Lab in your neighbourhood.

You get to decide where you work and live. You can determine how you want to shape your work. You may want to have a centre where you do all the teaching or over time as your centre grows and blossoms by implementing The Learning Lab marketing strategies you can decide to take on teachers to work alongside you. You can take on specialists in various areas like senior maths. Or you may be a senior maths specialist yourself and may take on a teacher to look after your primary school aged students.

On your own The Learning Lab will create a positive, happy, learning environment for your students using The Learning Lab learning programmes, imaging, design, classroom layout

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Help children discover the joy of learning and watch their self confidence grow

You may just want to earn a little more $ for that overseas trip or gain some extra experience. Or some teachers just love to share their expertise to help kids with their schoolwork.

Whatever your reason is we'd love to have you contribute to the lives of our students.

Your child will have a wide range of learning activities to engage them in learning:

  • worksheets
  • ipads
  • online computer learning programmes
  • our learning resource library

The Learning Lab is a learning center for kids of all ages.

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