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About Us

Our qualified teachers will help your child get up to speed as quickly as possible. Learning Lab teachers create an individualised learning program centred around each child's learning style.

Once we start to get on top of the content, your child will learn some strategies to help him navigate his way through learning in the school classroom. Not only will we help him get up to speed with his school work, he will gain insight into how he best and most easily takes on board information and the types of learning activities and challenges that will energise him and help him reach his true potential.

Identifying each student's learning style helps him or her to gain insight on how to effectively take on board new information. Offering a wide experience of learning activities helps students raise to the challenge of reaching their true potential.


Your child will have a wide range of learning activities to engage them in learning:

  • worksheets
  • ipads
  • online computer learning programmes
  • our learning resource library

The Learning Lab is a learning center for kids of all ages.

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