Our nurturing teachers are there because they like to help kids succeed.

Your child really can
achieve in school.

We can show him or her how

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Contribute to the success
in someone's life

Here's a great way to share your passion for learning with children of all ages and help them achieve.

The Learning Lab is a lifestyle business. You can develop this into a large thriving school with a number of teachers working for you or stay small and intimate and do all the teaching yourself.

Imagine only having to work with small groups of children rather than the demands of a whole classroom! It's so satisfying!

Our multi-sensory approach reaches all types of learners. You'll learn some great strategies and techniques to help build your student confidence levels back up as they get up to speed in the content.

Become the learner again yourself as you take on board the skills needed to build your business from the ground up.

Don't worry training in running building your business is provided!

There'a also all the business tools such as database, management processes, marketing strategies as well in The Learning Lab Business Training.

We will recommend some pre-requisite training in business software so you are ready to roll when you start.

The Learning Lab is a learning center for kids of all ages.

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