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Early Childhood Music

MUSIC... firm Foundations for future learning Ages
6 months - 4 yrs

Our early childhood music program offers the most grounded of learning environments for young children.

Music is a language that encompasses both literacy and numeracy concepts. Exploring musical concepts in a high quality music progam such as our Jungle Music programme provides a sensory rich environment which just what a young mind needs to grow and develop the necessary scaffolding in the brain for future learning to hang on to.

Each child brings along their own learning partner (Mum, Dad, Grandma or nanny) to play and engage in musical activities with.

Social skills associated with learning in a group environment such as

  • taking turns
  • bringing back items to their boxes
  • waiting for a turn
  • responding to directions

are integrated into a nurturing of environment where Mum or Dad is there to provide reinforcement and support in these early days of becoming a good learner. Some children will take longer than others to take this on board and that's fine, our teachers are there to support you and your child.

Through our Jungle Music programme your child will gain a most thorough foundation for future learning at school.

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